AT Excellence-i
Integrated Reverse Osmosis

Water Qualities

    Reverse Osmosis

    Each type of water treatment process achieves differing degrees of purity.

    The reverse osmosis process, forces water through a membrane. Washing is then conducted without the presence of impurities means that there are no residues left on dishes, cutlery or glasses. Polishing is no longer necessary as the wash items are sparkling clean and ready to use

    Complete Demineralisation

    Each type of water treatment process achieves differing degrees of purity.

    The complete demineralisation process, fully removes salts and minerals from the water. The quality is comparable to distilled water and leaves no residues on crockery, cutlery or glasses. Delivers a sparkle and shine without the need for time-consuming polishing.

    Partial Demineralisation

    Each type of water treatment process achieves differing degrees of purity.

    Despite softening, soluble minerals will remain in the water and be deposited on dishes.

    Partial deminieralisation reduces this salt content by using ion exchange and provides a nearly deposit free wash result


    Each type of water treatment process achieves differing degrees of purity.

    The majority of water hardness is distributed as a white residue in the machine and on the dishes. With softened, de-calcified water, lime deposits and the relevant damage to the machine it causes, is prevented. This allows detergents and rinse aids to have their optimal effect, ensuring a better wash result and lower consumption rates.

    Untreated Water

    Each type of water treatment process achieves differing degrees of purity.

    Untreated water contains impurities as well as lime and minerals which leave streaks on dishes and glasses as well as causing damamge to the warewasher.

  • Untreated Water
  • Softening
  • Partial Demineralisation
  • Complete Demineralisation
  • Reverse Osmosis
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No more polishing. Brilliance inside.

The integrated reverse osmosis device AT Excellence-i makes it easy to run under counter warewashers with osmosis water even in narrow counter areas. Because the reverse osmosis system is fully integrated into the UC-S / UC-M,  the space requirement is only limited by the dimensions of the warewasher.

The UC Excellence- i delivers a perfect combination of under counter warewasher and reverse osmosis. The water treatment process is fully integrated into the wash process to deliver flawless wash results everytime.

When it comes to longer wash breaks, the AquaOpt function prevents the return of salt deposits and the negative impact this has on the washing result. Optimum water is always used when washing to achieve the best wash result.

The warewasher’s touch display is used to control communication and the operation of UC Excellence-i devices. The operational status is shown on the display – this allows immediate reaction to faults.

The legally required water safety device (WSD) is already built into the device. Just connect power and water and the warewasher is ready to go. This doesn’t involve additional installation work or extra costs.

UC Excellence-iPlus models are fitted with an integrated softener. Thanks to the VarioAqua function, various water qualities can be stored in the washing programs. Glasses can, for example, be washed with osmosis water and dishes with softened water. Additionally the integrated softener provides softened water when filling and self-cleaning. Osmosis water is subsequently used for the first wash onwards. The softener increases the life span of the osmosis membrane and the performance. A plus in the economic efficiency of the UC Excellence-iPlus.

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Technical data: AT Excellence-i

AT Excellence-i
Technical Information AT Excellence-i AT Excellence-iPlus
Yiel at 15°C input temperature [l/h] 42 42
Max. conductivity inlet water [μS / cm] 1200 1200
max. water hardness [° GH] 35 31
Water outlet Waste water connection Waste water connection
Pre-softening Recommended! Approved for operation without prior softening up to 35 °GH. Equipped with an integrated softener
Electric connection necessary necessary
Appropriate machine models UC-S, UC-M UC-S, UC-M

The technical data provided here are based on an operation under ideal conditions. Depending on the local circumstances, individual values may vary and must be recalibrated on startup.