Winterhalter Servicing and Repairs

Winterhalter Commercial Repairs and Servicing.

Best priced servicing and repair for your Winterhalter or Classeq glasswasher or dishwasher.

To support our highly engineered commercial glass, dishwasher and water treatment machines and products Winterhalter Australia offers a comprehensive service and repair program by our inhouse servicing team.

We want to ensure that you can always rely on the investment you make in your warewashing technology which is why we carry a full range of spares in the van. We can also guarantee the cheapest spare parts in Australia ensuring your machine is repaired or serviced in the fastest time at the cheapest cost.

Our experienced and fully trained technicians are located in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and are backed up in other locations by our fully trained dealer network ensuring minimal dishwasher or glasswasher downtime.

Additional services such as preventative maintenance contracts effectively reduce repair costs and ensure the long living quality of our machines.

To book a service or repair or simply get a quote please contact us ktkcatpza anyc0 ti+wongme.ynfr0 (semnurvic8ee@winterpv08thalter.couak5dm.apldpau)

Winterhalter Australia's Service Policy can be read here.


02 9645 3221