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Winterhalter 360 degree Glasswashing System – Backed by Australia’s only money back guarantee.

The Winterhalter 360 degree glasswashing system makes the need to manually polish glassware and cutlery obsolete.

The 360 system teams the Winterhalter UC series’ with the Romatik XS compact and effective RO unit which uses reverse osmosis to remove all impurities from the water. Together with Winterhalter’s specially formulated detergents, designed by in-house chemists, this leaves a gleaming no-polishing-required finish.

Available in four sizes, the units accommodate the Australian standard sized basket, allowing it to be used in a wide range of business fit-outs. All units are double-skinned for quiet operation and have been Smart Water approved.

The Winterhalter 360 degree RO system presents a neat solution to health and safety issues of tired staff polishing easily damaged and potentially dangerous fragile items whilst reducing costly breakages.
Businesses have also been able to save staff time with no polishing time behind the bar, staff can focus on the core task of customer service.

With a two year warranty, a 24 hour service line, and Australia’s only money-back guarantee if the required result is not achieved, Winterhalter can be seen to stand behind the excellence of its innovation.

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