Chefs agree, Christmas is bought to you by Winterhalter.

Christmas is a time to love. It’s also a time to eat, drink and be merry.But for those lucky ducks in hospitality, there isn’t much time for merry making in the lead-up to Christmas Day. We ask what they’re up to.

Frank Camorra from Movida has had a big year, running his hugely popular Movida group of restaurants and his newest venture in Bali. “Between now and Christmas Day, we feed roughly 2,000 people, and our Winterhalter machines will take a pounding.  At this time of year, we need everything to go as smoothly as possible and it doesnt even occur to me that our machines will break down, because they just dont.

So how does the great man himself unwind and exhale after the onslaught?
We celebrate Christmas Eve with my parents - which is traditional in Spain. The food we serve is fairly light - lots of little light pastries, nibbly type things.  Nothing heavy.  Then Christmas Day is more of a traditional Aussie lunch. We are at my fiancées Mums house this year, and we all bring some food to share. I’m bringing some beautiful seafood - oysters, prawns, etc.  And there will be a shoulder of roast lamb, a roast turkey and all the veggies that go with it.  Christmas night, we go home and sit on the couch and that’s about it, then Ive got a week off - which is great.

Justin Zammit – Group Executive Chef of resorts for the QT group, is another level of magician when it comes to multi-tasking. 
At the QT resort on the Gold Coast (where Zammit is based), he’s anticipating catering for around 2,000 festive, hungry and thirsty people (that’s not including banquets or in-room dining, mind you)!

That’s a LOT of dirty dishes and glasses to clean. 
We asked him what he would do if his Winterhalter’s broke down this week, and he paused, then laughed. “It would be a disaster.  We wouldn’t be able to cope…  It would be a nightmare. Thankfully, we know that wont happen”!

So how does Justin celebrate Christmas day?  “I’m taking my kids to the ball room, where we have a Christmas celebration that’s open to the general public. It’s a fabulous event, with every type of Christmas food imaginable – like our suckling pig, smoked salon, roast turkey with brioche stuffing, all kinds of delicious salads, and Santa makes an appearance, and gives every child a gift”.  (There are still spaces remaining, so if you’d like to do this for Christmas, contact Amanda_fioostxt5hxer@e+j5vtgas.czbnomdlhg to book).   After lunch, Justin and his kids will go to his sister’s house, eat again, and ride ponies and ride motorbikes.  That’s a dream Christmas day by anyone’s standards!

Chef Shane Delia is busy both with his hugely popular restaurant Maha, his family and his media career.  “Christmas day, I have breaky with the kids and Maha (Delia’s wife, whom the restaurant is named after).   At around 11am, I’ll pop into the restaurant to see the crew and do a last minute menu check etc.  We have a set menu Christmas lunch that’s solidly booked closed for dinner and Boxing Day.  Then at 1pm I’ll head off to my in-laws for a visit, then 3pm will swing past my Mum’s to see my rellies, and then at 5pm I have a BBQ on at my place for mates, family & staff who don’t have family in Australia”.    Shane wont even give his Winterhalter dishwasher a thought on Christmas day – as he knows that it will do what it’s supposed to do, without a hitch.

Steven Rhodes  - General manager at Sydney’s exclusive Aria restaurant is bracing himself for this pre-Christmas week.  “Between now & Christmas day we will do around 2,500 covers” I asked him how he’d feel if his dishwashers went on strike: “It’s just not something I want to think about – honestly, it would be a disaster.  I’d need a lot more (expensive) man-power to wash and polish – it is an horrendous thought”!

Aria’s last service is Christmas Eve, and then It’s back up to the Gold Coast where he’s currently in the process of re-locating from. “Christmas morning – I’ll have my family breaky and presents etc. then head to beach with relatives etc., for a lovely light lunch & beach day.  Christmas night, we will be back at my in-laws with finger food and just relax”.

From all of us at Winterhalter Australia, have a safe and happy Christmas and may 2017 be brilliant!